Sleepless Nights So after working until 10:30 PM on a gunlock fitment problem and still not finding a solution, one of my leads and I hung our heads in defeat. What to do? We tried two different gunlock solutions in multiple configurations. As we locked up the shop we were quiet.  Both of us were
I must admit, I joined the pop-culture group of people who love to listen to true crime podcasts and are intrigued by the Summer of Sam era. I know…you’re wondering what this has to do with mobile routers. There is something that stuck out to me personally while listening to these stories – The lack
Durango Deep Dive Hey, I’m Chris, the shop manager here at KELTEK. After dozens of Durango upfits in the KELTEK shop, we want to take a moment and pass along some of our insight regarding installation nuances this vehicle has – which may have implications for your department’s budget and lead times. All vehicles present

2019 KELTEK Roadshow

Registration is now open for our 2019 Roadshow, this is an event you don’t want to miss out on!  This year the event will be held on October 9th 2019, with a hospitality night in your honor the night before. Go ahead, write that down,  put it on your calendar.  Free food and drinks on

The Keys to Covert

Duuunn dun…duuunnn dun….dun dun dun Hopefully you uncovered the ominous Jaw’s  theme song I am trying to portray here. This week’s topic covers the keys to a covert police vehicle build.   Keeping these up-fits as stealth as possible can be a challenging task, but if anyone can do it’s our expert team here at KELTEK.
Your fleet is likely the largest line item in your department’s annual budget.  Before you read any further, stop and make a pros & cons list for leasing fleet vehicles and equipment. Seriously, make a list… We’ll wait… Now that you have a list, let’s compare it with ours.
The True Cost of Vehicle Downtime For many fleet managers calculating the cost of downtime is something they don’t sit down and do. The reason for the inaction on this topic is -there’s not enough time in the day!  KELTEK thought we could bring some light to the issue in an easy to understand format that prioritizes your
Body worn cameras have been a topic generating a lot of media attention in recent years.  With a number of successful deployments under our belt, we’ve helped numerous departments plan the training, and implementation of body worn cameras for their officers a little ahead of the curve. KELTEK is always happy to jump in as s trusted advisor partnering with departments,

2019 Havis Partner Event

This May, our partners at Havis, held a partner event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania their hometown headquarters. If you are not familiar with Havis, they are one of our K9 transport, computer mounting and docking manufacturing partners.  Seeing the full cycle from where ideas are generated at Havis, to the ideas coming together in real time on the manufacturing floor was very