It’s vital that the organizations that protect and serve the public have the most up-to-date, safest equipment in their fleets. However, making sure that each and every vehicle is outfitted with the best, most suitable products for your fleet’s needs can be an overwhelming drain on your time and resources. One solution to this issue
You know driving can be dangerous, and you take precautions to ensure that your fleet of vehicles is upfitted for collision safety. What you may not realize is that beyond the risk of traffic accidents, professionals who drive on the job are at higher risk for other injuries and degenerative conditions. You can help keep
If you’re a fleet manager who experiences connectivity problems with your vehicles while they’re in the field, this blog series is for you. In recent articles, we covered common problems you’ve likely faced at some point, including Data limits and manageability Difficulty tracking vehicles and limited connections  Today, we’ll conclude our connectivity series by covering
This is the second article in our three-part series: Common Connectivity Problems. Last time, we talked about issues fleet units often face in the field that are related to data limits and manageability. Today, we’ll look at two other issues that may have affected your fleet at one time or another.
If you work in the public safety industry, secure and stable connectivity shouldn’t be optional; it should be required. If your connections are spotty or you lose service in certain areas while on the road, how do you expect to communicate quickly and effectively in every emergency situation?
Havis has engineered a new touch screen display designed specifically for public service vehicles. It’s easy to fit into a vehicle and saves valuable space in the cabin. The display attaches directly to the dash panel, a new type of mounting that allows you to reach the screen easily in your line of sight. The hinge
This is part two in our Mobile Printing Solutions for Public Safety Vehicles series. It will introduce you to the PocketJet 7 Series of mobile printers. In part one, we introduced Brother Mobile Solutions and discussed various printing products they offer for the public safety industry.
Brother Mobile Solutions is an innovator in printer manufacturing for public safety vehicles. Any type of mobile equipment that is installed in an emergency vehicle needs to be able to perform under extreme conditions like rough terrain and harsh weather. Brother products are truly rugged and tough enough to stand up to the task.
In our last article, we covered size and performance specifications of the new Toughbook 33 laptop computer. Today, we’ll tell you about some of the best mounts and docking stations for transporting your Toughbook safely in your “mobile office.” These systems will hold your Toughbook securely in place in a convenient location so you can see