In today’s data-driven world, law enforcement agencies increasingly turn to Real-Time Crime Centers (RTCC) to enhance public safety. These centers represent a paradigm shift in how crime is monitored and addressed. This blog post delves into integrating vehicle data into RTCCs, revolutionizing crime response strategies. What are Real-Time Crime Centers? Real-Time Crime Centers are sophisticated
In the fast-paced world of law enforcement, staying ahead with cutting-edge technology is crucial. The advent of 5G connectivity marks a significant leap forward, especially for law enforcement vehicles. This post explores the transformative impact of 5G, emphasizing faster data transmission and enhanced communication capabilities in police operations. Unleashing the Power of 5G in Police

In-Car Camera Systems

Driving Transparency and Accountability in Law Enforcement In modern policing, in-car camera systems have emerged as pivotal tools, enhancing transparency and accountability on the road. This blog post delves into the profound impact of these systems in law enforcement and in upholding public trust. The Rise of In-Car Cameras in Police Vehicles Initially introduced in

What is ANPR?

The Silent Watcher in Modern Policing Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) seems like a technology straight out of a futuristic movie. Still, it’s a critical part of today’s law enforcement toolkit. This powerful system has become instrumental in reshaping police operations around the globe. What exactly is ANPR? ANPR technology uses cameras to scan and

The Evolution of Police Cruisers

From Vintage Rides to High-Tech Road Warriors The police cruiser, an iconic symbol of law enforcement, has undergone significant transformations over the decades. From the earliest police vehicles that were nothing more than modified civilian cars to today’s high-tech, purpose-built machines, the journey of the police cruiser is a testament to the advancements in both
[BAXTER, IOWA, October 2nd, 2023] – In a significant boost to law enforcement capabilities and community safety, KELTEK, Inc. proudly announces the first-ever KELTEK K9 Unit Grant winner. The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with Crisis Canines of the Midlands, has been selected as the recipient of this new grant, valued at $10,500. This
Deadline is July 31st to apply for the 2023 KELTEK K9 Unit Grant!
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Thanks for having us at IPCA!

We were thrilled to connect with you at the 2023 Iowa Police Chief's Association...
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We are excited to bring you a live demonstration from Panasonic TOUGBHOOK at the 2023 Iowa Police Chiefs Association Conference!
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