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Gamber-Johnson manufactures the most innovative console systems intended for use in vehicles that require a complete secure mobile office environment.

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Gamber-Johnson manufactures the most innovative vehicle mounting solutions on the market today. We have created a full kit that includes the recommended solution for the most popular vehicles. Feel free to browse the complete Gamber-Johnson product line for solutions that match your vehicle and in-vehicle environment needs.

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1. Vehicle Specific Console Box
(Item No. 7160-0411)
No-drill vehicle specific console designed to blend in with the car’s aesthetics. Low profile design allows for emergency passenger side exit. Factory 12 volt and USB/MP3 plugs relocated to the side of the console box. Has a removable top plate and center plate for easy radio installation and wire routing. Computer can be mounted on top of the console box off-set towards the passenger. Console box comes with blank filler panels and faceplates.

2. 9” Locking Slide Arm – Mongoose
(Item No. 7160-0220)
Locking Slide Arm can rotate around 360° with locking points every 15°. Slide Arm can extend out from 9" to 13" from center pole and locks automatically in the retracted 9" position. Motion Attachment has tilt capabilities up to 90° forward/26° backward and can be swiveled up to 360°. Motion Attachment works with VESA 75mm, Gamber-Johnson 2×4, NEC or AMPS hole patterns.

3. Armrest and cupholder
(Included with console box 7160-0411)
The Armrest is height adjustable for better ergonomic positioning. The padded armrest flips up to allow access to the console box or cupholder if needed. The internal cupholder holds two cups and is compatible with most cup sizes.

Gamber-Johnson offers a variety of accessories for the console box including LED lights, mic clips, cigarette adapter kits and power distribution blocks. (These are not included in the Vehicle Kits, must order separately)