CenCom Carbide™

The latest from Whelen’s proven family of products, it’s simple to install, simple to configure, simple to clone.

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Engineered to maintain situational awareness of the officer, Whelen’s CenCom Carbide™ houses numerous innovative technologies that deliver highly effective visual and auditory warning.

Designed for simplistic, hands free usage, Carbide allows officers to easily adapt with Situation Based Integration. This feature allows for scene specific functions using various vehicle components, such as the horn or brakes. Priorities can now be fully configured
and controlled.

Carbide provides the capability to sync all lights together, including a Traffic Advisor™ and the new rear WeCan® Inner Edge® RTX.

Easily reproducible from vehicle to vehicle, Carbide installs effortlessly with little wiring intricacy.

Optional expansion modules and WeCan dual siren amplifier are available to further customize functions.

The CANnect™ CAN Interface is a simple plug-in connection to the vehicle. Using the CANnect,
CAN bus signals are easily applied to automate warning system functions.

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• Control warning lights, siren, and Traffic Advisor™ functions from a single keypad
• Newly designed control head with 21 buttons and slide switch
• Newly designed software allows for easy program configuration via USB 2.0
• Fully Supports all WeCan® Series products
• 12 positive or negative activated inputs
• Supports up to 2 of the following: front WeCan Inner Edge®, new rear WeCan Inner Edge, or optional remote 16 output modules
• Separate backlight control
• 18 fully protected and fused outputs
• Supports one or two 100 watt speakers
• LED indicator lights allow for simple troubleshooting of outputs and WeCan network
• Easily accessible fuses and connections
• Heavy-duty power and output connectors
• Supports WeCan dual siren amplifier option
• Meets or exceeds all applicable SAE, California Title XIII requirements with various Whelen speakers
• Five year warranty


• 18 Outputs
• 12 Inputs (positive or negative switched)
• 200W Siren
• Full set of siren tones
• Supports new WeCan® dual siren amplifier option
• Conditional operations
• Configurable priorities
• Supports up to two of the following:
• Front WeCan Inner Edge®
• New rear WeCan Inner Edge RTX
• Optional Remote 16 Output Modules
• 9/C Traffic Advisor™ Driver, standard
• New heavy-duty crimp style connections on WeCan port
• Configurable Load Manager
• Configurable Ignition Delay Timer
• Expanded support for Photocell
• Full support of SOLO™ WeCan lightbars
• Full support of DUO™ and TRIO™ lightbars
• Supports new 21 button control head