Panasonic's In-Car Video System


Arbitrator 360º HD 

The Panasonic Arbitrator In-Car Video System is a rugged digital video system. Purpose-built for law enforcement officers and public safety officials. Pairing with up to five cameras total, you'll receive a 360-degree view increasing situational awareness. 

Tested for resistance to extreme temperatures, moisture, shock, and vibrations. This video system also comes with a tamper-proof key lock

You have control of what is recorded by working with our techs to put predefined triggers into place. 


● Wide-angle views

● Full HD resolution: 1920 x 1080

● Low-light technology for viewing in dark 

● 16 Auto & Manual Triggers 

● Pre-Record up to 90 seconds

● Three audio inputs 



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In-Car Video Evidence Solution

Arbitrator 360º HD

Panasonic Full HD camera inside police cruiser


Unified Evidence Management System

This rugged in-car video system includes a front camera(WV-VC30) that provides a full HD video with a high-quality resolution.  In addition, when the four additional cameras are added to the vehicle's side(WV-VC32) and rear(WV-VC31), you'll get an amazing full picture view of a situation. 

Panasonic's In-Car Video system supports up to five cameras simultaneously.  Secure and sage storage is provided and automatic recording trigger functions are also available to you!



in car video


  • Advanced Security

    Facial Recognition
  • Unprecedented Battery Life

    with Second Battery xPAK module
  • Band 14 Capabilities

    Optional FirstNet Ready™️
  • Super Bright Display

    Day & Night Mode

What To Expect


KELTEK is a prime partner with Panasonic, and we also hold State Contracts for your fleet & technology products. A product only order is less expensive with our discounts and state contracts.


Product only orders turn around time is about 2-4 weeks. If you would like our team of experts to install your equipment, that timeframe will extend.


KELTEK's HaaS program provides support and updates for the technology we provide. If you want more guidance then a box shipper can provide, we recommend learning more about HaaS.

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