KELTEK Hardware-as-a-Service

New Term, Old Concept

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a new and rapidly growing managed service, and the concept has been around for years. When your cable provider installs a new router to replace an outdated one, they are essentially providing hardware along with the service.

Even your department water cooler is a piece of hardware that is often included as part of your system subscription. Purchasing these items outright may not be practical — who wants to be stuck with obsolete and unusable equipment? 


HaaS can be especially applicable to many small-to-medium-sized departments. That's because you may not always have the resources or budget cash-flow necessary to keep up with technology changes through conventional methods. A great way to keep current with rapidly evolving IT innovations, while still controlling costs, is KELTEK’s Hardware-as-a Service.


Outdated IT equipment can lead to difficult budget decisions, poor productivity, and lost data. HaaS is like leasing your technology equipment, which your department would otherwise have to purchase. Combined with a managed service agreement (MSA) that covers all aspects of your technology needs — HaaS can alleviate a lot of hardware headaches and provide some big benefits.


HaaS has the financial benefit of converting a large capital expense into a more manageable operating expense. This can free up your cash flow and provide more working capital, which is critical to many departments.

A fixed monthly, quarterly or annual cost makes your technology expense budgetable. HaaS removes the unpredictability of maintenance and upkeep. KELTEK has a proactive service approach, giving us a vested interest in maintaining an efficient and productive technology solution.


The proactive service model associated with HaaS delivers a high level of service integrity and operational reliability. Ongoing support with KELTEK is a great way to ensure the best operating practices are used with your hardware.

Too often, hardware maintenance is neglected due to costs. With HaaS, the equipment and service is included in the MSA. You can forget about the potential implications of equipment failure and system crashes after a warranty expires. Let KELTEK resolve—better yet, prevent—the problem.


A HaaS solution includes not only repair or replacement of broken hardware, but also allows you to plan for timely upgrades to state-of-the-art technology. This eliminates a great deal of the buyer angst which so often accompanies IT purchases.

You can't expect to be successful in tomorrow’s public safety landscape using yesterday’s tools. HaaS is a great way to stay current with state-of-the-art technology specific to your department’s goals and needs — from printers, to cameras, computers, peripherals and more.

Your Technology Roadmap

HaaS can provide even more benefits to your department than those listed here. So, is HaaS a part of your organization's technology road map, or strategic technology plan? If you're not sure where to start or what to include in a strategic technology plan for your department, schedule time to speak with one of our technology consultants today!