Driver’s License Scanner

Capture driver’s license (DL) information electronically by scanning the DL barcode, and or bar-codes from registrations or other forms.

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Commonly known as eCitation, electronic ticketing is a faster and more efficient way to generate reports and citations in the patrol vehicle. Capturing driver’s license (DL) information electronically by scanning the DL barcode, and or bar-codes from registrations or other forms, officers can complete their reports easily, quickly and error-free.

Hand writing citations is very time consuming and officers jeopardize their safety by spending too much time curbside using a manual process. Handwritten citations can take 15 – 20 minutes or longer to complete; by using an electronic citation process the average time of stop, data run and ticket entry is between 4-5 minutes. Getting you off the curb quicker and back on patrol keeping your communities safe.

By creating an error-free citation system, e-Citation speeds up the process and decreases the number of illegible tickets sent to court.

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• Fast! No more hand writing the same forms over and over.

• Eliminate illegibility errors so there are fewer dismissals.

• Improve operational efficiency.

• Citations can be sent immediately from the squad car to the courthouse.

• Increase Officer safety (the goal is to get off the dangerous side of the road ASAP).

• Less time on the curb results in more time on patrol for your community.

• Enhance “customer satisfaction” because the process is quicker.

• Reduce the need for grant writing due to budget savings.