Knowledge Transfer 2

Antenna Solutions

Antenna Cheat Sheet

00:22 Excitement on Antennas!!! WooHoo!!

1:19 Low Band Commercial Antennas

7:10 UHF/VHF Antennas/Details as well as scenarios of how widespread the system is in miles, priority, etc.

16:00 Questions to ask your customer.

20:00 Different Systems utilized in the State of Iowa

21:40 Analog system vs State system. 700/800 Broad Band Antenna

28:30 Real-Life scenario for antenna solutions

32:09 CB Scanner

33:38 Uniden Scanner

40:39 Vehicle Repeaters

43:05 Panasonic Computer Antennas

43:53 Mobile Router Antennas

45:45 Other Antennas, places to start when we need something out of standard and other scenarios of standardization options moving forward.