Getac Video Solutions


Getac Video Solutions

The Getac Video system is a great option for a department needing an all-encompassing solution. From evidence capture to offload this system works together to create a convenient procedure for officers who need to manage evidence.   


Six devices create the entire system each having unique benefits.    


● ZeroDark™️ HD Camera

● Powerful DVR 

● Body-Worn Camera

● Rugged & Fault Tolerant

● Software Command & Control

Manage Data Effectively



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Capture Video on the Go

A trusted solution that provides real-time intelligence.

getac video solution


Video System

Getac's solutions provide in-car video, a powerful DVR, body-worn cameras, and data management. 

Zero Dark™️ HD is the in-car camera that surpasses the competition in low-light video recording. Add an additional camera for a 180º complete vie

Unlike competitor's products, Getac Video offers free cloud & reporting access.  Another cost savings is unlimited data & users come standard with the system.




Capturing the video you need even in the most extreme environments is not a problem for this rugged system.

The ease of use is the biggest benefit in the Getac system.  Triggering events and digital assets seamlessly & securely uploading to the cloud creates an effortless process for your department.

You need a system that functions as one cohesive unit...and this is it.


Show me the money!

We know you are interested in pricing, and there is some good news! There are grants available through Federal or State agencies. Getac Video can assist you in finding resources in your area.