KELTEK Fleet-as-a-Service

Build A Better Fleet

Fleet as a Service (FaaS) is a proactive and simple solution to managing your fleet. When you lease a car from KELTEK you get an easy one-and-done annual payment that encompasses everything from picking your vehicle, selecting the products, up-fitting, servicing, and comprehensive vehicle diagnostics, ALL INCLUDED!

Your main priority every day is to keep your officers and the public safe — It’s why you became a public safety officer. We know you get pulled in a million different directions.  — Wouldn’t it be great if you could get back to focusing on things that matter?  


FaaS streamlines the Fleet process, you don't need to be an expert in all fields, just yours. Our team has 25 years of up-fitting experience & dedicated technical resources in-house. Having access to that level of expertise will reduce driver downtime. You also have the ability to access real-time data of the vehicle's performance, which will allow you to optimize your fleet to work more efficiently.


Predicting the number of vehicles needed and the cost behind that can be a scary number to present to elected officials.  Departments often replace their vehicles at inopportune times or run the vehicle 'until the wheels fall off', this increases fleet operational costs. KELTEK's FaaS gives full insight into each vehicle, with real-time reporting that translates directly to the bottom line.

Getting Started Is As Easy As 1 - 2 - 3

fleet up fit


KELTEK's FaaS puts the power back in your hands. You chose the car, or have KELTEK assist with an audit of your fleet. Knowing which cars should be replaced with a newer more cost effective alternative, will save your department the time and money wasted when a vehicle is down.


Take control of your build, from lights, bent metal, computers, and cameras. Also, service is included for the life of the contract, no guessing games on what a repair could cost. KELTEK's program allows you to lease a fully up-fitted car, along with the technology and know-how to go with it!


KELTEK's FaaS platform integrates all expenses for a total cost analysis. Let us handle the paperwork, maintenance, vendor negotiations, & more. We will help present to city counsels, & finance, or municipal authorities with you. Feel at ease presenting contracts, because IT JUST MAKES SENSE.

Your Fleet Management Roadmap

FaaS can provide even more benefits to your department than those listed here. So, is FaaS a part of your organization's fleet road map, or proactive fleet plan? If you're not sure where to start or what to include in a fleet management plan for your department, schedule time to speak with one of our fleet consultants today!