AirLink®️ Mobility Manager

Sierra Wireless Network Management for Vehicles

Mobile Enterprise Network Management

You have a lot on your mind in your day to day routine. The last thing you need to be worrying about is your vehicle not performing up to par. AirLink®️ Mobility Manager enables a simplified way to manage your fleet.

AMM lets you set custom reports to monitor the health of your fleet. It also supports remote management & software updates. All you need is your laptop and credentials to get insight into your fleets such as coverage maps, bandwidth consumption, and more!


•  Increases efficiency & reduce costs 

•  Visibility & awareness of the entire fleet 

•  Location-based reporting 

•  Troubleshoot & update remotely 

Secure, Remote, Fleet Management at your fingertips!

AMM Sierra Router


AMM streamlines the Fleet reporting process, you don't need to be an expert in all fields, just yours. Partnering with KELTEK for your fleet technology needs will take some of the weight off your shoulders. With 20+ years of install experience paired with an in-house IT team, your fleet will be optimized for efficiency. You're able to track with real-time reports!


Vehicles are often not looked at until inconvenient times or until its completely inoperable, this increases fleet operational costs. KELTEK's AirLink®️ Manager gives full insight into each vehicle, with real-time reporting that translates into a proactive fleet solution. Stay ahead of vehicle maintenance, with this user-friendly fleet manager.

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Your Fleet Management Dashboard

AirLink® Mobility Manager provides unlimited benefits to - If you're not sure where to start or what to include in a fleet management plan for your department, schedule time to speak with one of our fleet consultants today!